A Warrior’s Knowledge – Volume Two of The Castes and the OutCastes

I wish I knew how to make a progress bar, but anyway, draft one of A Warrior’s Knowledge is about 60% complete. I’ve also outlined at least 1/2 of the remaining portion. Now all I have to do is write.

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  1. Nathaniel Miller

    I can’t wait till it’s released!!! The first one was absolutely amazing!

    • Thanks Nathaniel! I definitely appreciate the words. It’s always good to hear that someone liked the book. Now I have to make volume 2 just as good. Wish me luck.

      Davis Ashura

  2. I agree with Mr. Miller;aGreat read.The warriors finally acknowledge Rukh’s Talents,and there goes the rug out from under!!!! Write Faster*Thanks

  3. Keep it coming!

  4. How’s it coming?? I just finished the first one and this cliff though not horrifically sharp, (thank you) still has me a bit anxious for the next book 🙂

    • Hi Susan,

      Volume 2 is done. It’s in the hands of my editor, and I’m also waiting on the cover art as well. I’m hoping there won’t be a lot of changes I have to make, and if so, then the book should be out in the next few weeks.

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