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It’s  been a  long time since I updated everyone about how things are going. I’m chugging along on my next project, The Instrument of Omens. That’s the series name, and book one is A Testament of Steel. I’ve managed to churn out around 50,000 words of a book that should be around 150,000-160,000 total.
I also have a Patreon account ready to go, and I’ll likely kick that off in November. I might send a second early newsletter next week to let everyone know about it. For now, I plan on releasing about 1-2 chapters a week of the new book on Patreon, and once I’m done with the first novel, I’ll shift it over to Amazon and in time, over to Audible.

So what’s the book about? Ah, that’s a good question. I don’t have a cool blurb, so I’m spitballing here.

Cinder Shade never remembered his past life. His memories began the afternoon a snowtiger killed his parents. And possibly him. He awakens, bruised and battered, trapped in a well, and bereft of all memory.
All he knows is that he was meant to protect those who can’t defend themselves, to be a warrior worthy of the name.
Cinder discovers within himself a strange ability to wield a sword as if he was born with it in his hand, to speak the language of steel as fluently as a master.
When he earns a place at a presigious elven warrior academy, Cinder has a chance to further that knowledge and perhaps even humble the proud elves who believe no human is their equal. All of his hard-earned skills will be needed when strange rumblings emanate from deep in the heart of the Dagger Mountains. Some say it is the twisted zahhacks causing carnage. Others that it is the monstrous spiderkin.
Cinder discover something far worse. A dead god who has risen. Shet. And he remembers his enemies all too well. Even if they don’t remember themselves.

One last thing, if you click around my website, you’ll discover that there is now a merchandise section where you can buy T-shirts and even phone cases featuring the cover art from The Castes and the OutCastes.



  1. Stephen

    This sound’s fairly interesting, What sort of Genre blend are you going to be trying for if i may ask?

    Also Shet that sounds like the same name as in William Wild’s is it a connected universe, a twisted version? prequal/sequal? I thought your new project was going to be a new series/universe? Not that i am complaining of course you write fantastic stuff either way heh.

    I am just wondering what to expect from you in the near future and hope the series continues being just as fun.

    • Davis

      Hi Stephen,

      The new series is epic fantasy, and in some ways it’s my homage to Wheel of Time. You’re right about the shared universe. The Castes and the OutCastes and William Wilde are part of the same reality, the Anchored Worlds, and the new series is also linked. It takes place on the world of Seminal, which is heavily referenced in William Wilde. So, yep, Shet is the same god from William Wilde and Cinder Shade is the same character that shows up in William Wilde. One guess on Cinder’s real name. Ok. I actually give it away in book 4 of William Wilde.


      • Stephen

        Oh interesting thank you for the response and i can’t wait to get my hand’s on it. Anything inspired by the wheel of time should only turn out well ^^.

        As a question do you still plan for it’s magic system to be different then your other two work’s thus far? AND will it also be coming to Audible as that is my way of enjoying books?

        • Davis

          Wheel of Time is possibly my favorite fantasy series, and that might include LotR (ducks the hurled rotten vegetables). It meant a lot to me, especially the early books.

          The magic system in Instrument of Omens, the new series, is going to be similar to what has come before but expanded. In Castes, magic was intuitive but it had to be mastered. In William Wilde, it was a learned system that had to be mastered and then intuited into an art form. In this series, the magic utilizes aspects of the Castes, aspects of William Wilde, and incorporates a third progressive element from the Realms of the Rakshasas.

          Hmm? What’s that? You’ve never heard of the Realms of the Rakshasas? I see. Oops! Pretend I didn’t mention that other Anchored World.

          A Testament of Steel, the first book in the series, will come out on Audible, but I’m not sure when. A lot will depend on my finances since it costs about $9K to have a book of this size narrated by Nick. That’s assuming I produce it myself instead of going with a publisher. The other factor would be Nick’s availability, which is far, far out there.

          • Stephen

            Yea i also really like Wheel of time (i admit i need to finish it but i have read decent way in so far).

            Also sound’s interesting i can’t wait to find out.

            Rakshasas? OH yea i have heard of it… >.< your evil! you monster now i am wondering

          • Davis

            My work is done.

      • Andre R Verdin

        Thank you so much for the update! I’m super excited for the next series now! You are one of my favorite authors and I can’t wait to see what’s next!

        • Davis

          Thanks, Andre! What a kind thing to say. I’ll be sure to keep on posting updates for the new series whenever I can. I’m now roughly 40% of the way done with book one.

  2. Ken

    I may be too late because it looks like you’ve already mapped out you current series. I was thinking that you could bring William Wilde, Serena and the others into the past with Rukh and Jesssira to change history. They find a way to the past, in the process increasing their power, to help Rukh to change destiny and save Arisa from destruction. This way you combine all my favorite characters again in a titanic struggle to right wrongs and save the universe 🙂

    • Davis

      I briefly considered that until Jessira mentioned something in the prologue of the new series that kinda doesn’t allow for it. BTW Jessira is the reason she and Rukh landed on Earth to begin with. The Castes and the OutCastes was supposed to be its own universe, but in book one of William Wilde, when William saw a freshman in that hallway, Jessira tapped my figurative shoulder and said, “That’s me.” It literally happened like that.


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