An update on A Warrior’s Penance and other stuff

Before I get to the update, I should apologize about the confusion on my Amazon page. Amazon did something goofy with my books back in August, and I’m still sorting it out. They split the audiobook version and kindle version of A Warrior’s Path (book 1) from the paperback version and put them on two different pages. I got that fixed, but now they don’t have A Warrior’s Path listed as one of my books. It’s still on Amazon, and they should be fixing that bug sometime soon (I hope). Also, book 1 is back to being available on Nook, Kobo, iTunes and Smashwords. I’ll have book 2 out on those other platforms in November (have to wait for the exclusive Kindle Select program with Amazon to expire).

So, about the audiobook for book 1. Big smiley face about that. The narrator is Nick Podehl (narrator of the Name of the Wind and Wise Man’s Fear), and I love the work he did for it.

Now, about A Warrior’s Penance aka book 3. It’s about 1/2 done (90k words) with fairly extensive beta reads on the first 1/2. I’m working on the second half, and I’m hoping to have it finished by early 2016.

A Warrior’s Path Audiobook in the top 100

The audiobook version of A Warrior’s Path is in the top 100 for epic fantasy on Amazon audiobooks! Pretty cool stuff. I didn’t even know the list existed until fellow author, Tim Marquitz, pointed out his book on the same list and the screenshot showed mine sitting there as well.

BTW here’s a screenshot of the momentous occasion (you gotta grab these things quick because in just an hour, my book might very well fall of the list).

Screen Shot 2015-08-30 at 4.38.12 PM